Steven Levitsky

Antitrust Counseling and Merger Clearance

Merger services

NOTE: I strongly suggest you consult an antitrust lawyer BEFORE you commit to any merger and BEFORE you create any internal documents.

  • Merger analysis.

  • Risk assessment and risk allocation, including defining level of clearance commitments and divestiture obligations.

  • Third-party merger analysis for investment banks and P.E.companies.

  • HSR filings and clearance.


  • Distribution issues;

  • Franchise issues;

  • Exclusivity;

  • Pricing issues;

  • Resale price maintenance;

  • MAP;

  • Bundling;

  • Refusals to deal;

  • Tying issues.

Joint Ventures, Competitor Relations, and Trade Association activities

  • Formation of competitor Joint Ventures and the creation and enforcement of antitrust compliance programs;

  • Benchmarking;

  • Information sharing (pricing information and price signaling);

  • Standard-setting issues;

  • Formation of trade associations, trade association by-laws and antitrust compliance policies, and ensuring policy compliance;

  • Coordinated market behavior issues.